Dienstag, 22. November 2011

Janus Stared

Walls and barriers against a spider's web,
is what they call for to protect creation.
To pay those back who amuse us so
and make a living for their art

but few are those who benefit
the wildest minds live in debt
poor and unprotected lives
are lived among the arts of many.

The right to copy does not protect
the humble mind spinning thought
into the world of phyics or the web
and only a few are those who win.

But walls must be built,
higher than ever and stronger to last.
The small mind may not leg the boot
of those who take the largest lot.

The walls were thick to hold out spiders
the much feared dark tarantula
crime and murder that was feared
were words; but less was seen.

An engineer and artist once
underpaid with child alone
found a way to wondrously
create all things from random stock

from the workshop it was carried
the machine of mass and destroyer of class
much time was consumed but nothing told
where all the effort had gone in months

but the machine was much employed
to feed many mouthes and create new life
for many things that were seen as old.
What a doomesday egg for those on top.

A spy one day found out her sceme
and brought the engineer to talk
to her boss and his boss too
to make her stop her evil works.

They threatened her with riches,
a place amongst themselves,
gold and cars and time for leasure
but this was not enough.

Not just herself and child should win
but neighbours of neighbours too.
The doomsday machine was hers to own
her copyright was marked and down.

This was to be one of the last
rights to copy and restrict
since this owner was to own and give
make owning as common as the cold.

But the bosses and their bosses would not hear of this
their fear turned worse and worse
they threw the lady into dark
and took away her child

but in the web the word got out
spread all around the spider's realm
the fate of the inventful mind
was known at every node.

The spider with a million facets
sitting in her web stared hard
at those trying to protect the lacking
for thier overflowing pockets.

This tarantula of many minds
was long feared for many lives of few
had now at last grown to flex her legs
and at last move out in time.

When Atlas had shrugged one time too much
and left the world in shards
It was Janus to open all his eyes
and give this end a way to start.

Mother and child united by many
took the patent out of the copyright's lock
and let it spill out on the web
where itsy bitsy spiders made it work again.

And this is how the mind of one,
was proud to own and give to all
was proud of it's creation
but not jealous to hold it on it's own
but to feed the minds and mouths of all.  

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  1. Alexis of Silverfang6. Dezember 2011 um 04:24

    Sollte es in der zweiten Zeile nicht eigentlich "called forth" heissen? Ein simples Weglassen des "for" oder "[...] for protecting creation" ginge auch, klingt jedoch beides nicht so schön ^^